Packaging and Shipping

The quality and detail of the print production, packaging and shipping provided by SmugMug's fulfillment vendors, along with the quick turnaround for delivery, is simply superb. 

First, there is an initial cost for a single photo purchase, and as you add more photos to your order, the shipping cost does not increase in a linear fashion.  For example, a first photo purchase of a 12x18 metallic print costs $7.99 for shipping.  Adding another print would either not increase the cost at all, or it would increase only marginally.  But the real value in the shipping cost is in the quality of the packaging.

Untitled photo

Your photo is printed on professional paper or other selected medium. If it is a print, as in the example to the right, it is carefully placed in a protective plastic bag that is taped to a sheet of cardboard, then placed face down in a picture box, with packing paper to keep the print flat.  It will arrive in perfect condition.

When you order, Smugmug keeps you informed of the status from the time you place your order to the time your artwork is delivered. You will receive an email thanking you for your order, and another when it ships. The email contain a tracking number as well.  If you are not thrilled with your purchase, send an email to and they will make it right.

Untitled photo

The turnaround time for delivery is fast, usually within 5-10 days for prints, and slightly longer for other artwork, depending on the level of customization.  

Not only is the print quality superb, Smugmug support is also superb.  I emailed the  Smugmug support team, called heroes, about 8 times to answer questions as I built out the site.  Every email was responded to within an hour - sometimes within minutes.   You use the same email for customer support as well as technical website support, so you can expect the same fast response: